- Just 3ee

There is joy within the creative mind
Inspiration leads a path towards fresh endavour
It´s where we bloom, in favour for different flavours
For I rather not explain the connection, 
that fills my days with action" 


- Just 3ee

~ This site is dedicated to Astrid Lindgren ~

Where Creativity Lives~

Jimmy 3ee 

*MultiMusician *Songwriter        *Reporter  *Author/Poet                 

- Why Jimmy 3ee? A new way of saying Jimmy Bee
Jimmy Bee - also exclusive ecological honey? Yes!
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Time For Rock!
Listen to Jimmy Bee original songs:


Time to Rock!

Listen to Jimmy Bee original songs

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Thomas Di Leva enjoys the experience of Jimmy´s music.
Like the meditative album:
ReikiMusik. Listen you too!

Jimmy Bee on vocals, plays both classical & elecectric guitars, piano, in a wild of variety of original songs.     Drive in!

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               Inlay for the physical CD: ReikiMusik

Swedish guitaricon Janne Shaffer about Jimmy´s playing:
"Is that really you on that CD? Wow, I can´t play like that"

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Original rocksongs written by Jimmy Bee
Play them for free - right here:


~Original rocksongs written by Jimmy Bee
Play them for free - right here:



ReikiMusik | Unique musicalbum released!


 This conceptional CD focuses on Atmospheric dreamscapes, plays perfect during yoga and meditiation, as wells as for soft bedtime. A full hour instrumental journey, inside the core of Your serenity. The response continues greatly indeed.
Following portal opens for the online experience:


The album is dedicated, with close permission to
Astrid Lindgren. This author - globally many kid´s considerable inspiration - invited Jimmy for penpals, along with her gently encouraging words regarding Jimmy´s writingskills.

Reiki is a healing method from Japan. The record aims to enhance stillness. Carefully developed during seven years of work, in two studios.
A strange blend of enchanting guitars, live soundeffects & epic keyboards - mixed with binaural rythms. This is the first Reikirecord ever emerging from Sweden.

ReikiMusik - primarely available in CD format, worldwide.

Children enlistening this album, easily fall asleep.

Please, do not drive simultaneously 

Thank You

What We Do? Artform! Jimmy3ee.com | Welcome inside the original swedish site

Book Health: Therapy by Bee

Jimmy wrote sections in first and the final book series about healthy, alternative medicine. Sound/Music therapy. Here is a lowcalory diet!

Appearently, University of Umeå studies in Music-ethnology did pay off. Essaybased sections of today are quite bold & abstract, explaining enviromental sound for how to alterease our brainwave patterns. Buy book here


Make Love not War, released 2015. Jimmy is one of the poets in Love theme. All sales were given to charity for people escaping war, UNHCR. Sveriges Radio liked this so much, they dedicated an entire day in red love colours with Jimmy live on the air, presenting a official 258 pages official edition.

Tolvnitton Förlag  

First BeeBook

This is the first poetry book in which Jimmy anticipated. Charming pulications like this old rarity, melted away around end of the century. Internet simply took over. 
Publishing house: Svenska Dikter. Young Jimmy was proud, and retrived healthy media attention, when becoming a trancending poet. 

The first BeeBook arosed...

         -Tidens Hav  | BeeBook

Born as a tribute to the influencal writer, Astrid Lindgren. 1997 she became 90 years old, and wrote Jimmy a thank you note.  Eventually they became penpals. The poems in "Tidens Hav" appears indeed in abstract form. Spoken Word,  the beatnick era breathing prominently in this publication. Raw, with a romantic twist in there~

Mikael Bergkvist | BeeBooks - 3ee trademark

Book Online

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Email: admin@jimmy3ee.com
Phone: +46705350278

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Thomas Di Leva likes to meditate on this material:
  This CD enjoices his personal, electric car travels ~

"Forever Free with Jimmy 3ee"

Jimmy Bee Bergquist, with written alias Jimmy 3ee
known for blending skills on the guitar. Trained classical guitar student, selftaught on the electric. Various styles:
Classical, blues, jazz, folkmusic - with strong passion for Hard rock. Started playing piano at 4 - later violin, bass, progressing into a live lead vocalist for several bands. 

If you live in Sweden you may heard Jimmy 3ee Bergquist on national radio, P3 & P4,  Bees´s being an educated frilance reporter. Writing very early on, it still remains one passionate ambition. Nowadays published poet, including various essay litterature. 

For released material:

           ~ Jimmy 3ee

Photo with artist, Sandra Dahlberg


"Welcome here my little dawn
So beautyful to behold...
Lickless attraction floating trough your brain 
Cottonbells kiss me so silently

Spiders have tingled too long!
Little reminders of what´s going on...

Love is loud and TV screens are often bound to the lovers
For what it says, excuse me mellow esteem, for the Icecream poets. In afunny bloom afternoon

My Maria - a ticket down to see ya...
See ya - Heaven´s in your spanish eyes
See ya - Heaven here I come again!
Here I come again

- Solo -

Spiders have tingled too long!
Little reminders of what´s going on

My Maria - a ticket down to see ya...
See ya - Heaven´s in your spanish eyes
See ya - Heaven here I come again!
Here I come again"

* * * * *

© All material composed by: Jimmy 3ee Bergquist

Maria is real, named María Cerro from Spain. (Photo)

Listen to "My Maria" - This cheerful popsong here:


______ © Poem by Jimmy 3ee Bergquist ______
Source: Poetry Avenue   

~ §~

 Pauses at Poetry Avenue, 11
 Like leaves like to leave...

 You listen alive - as they dive. 
 Before the Autumn takes over, 
 in crecendo of crows 
 In sweetened symphony for the Sun 
 Magical melodies in the MorningMachine 
 Aqiure riots again, inside the steaming climax
 Put paws on harmonic lawns - little tigercats 
 Put paws on harmonic lawns - little tigercats 
 ~ ~ ~ 

  Than came Silence 
 Quiet once again in all veins 

 ~ Let us go beneath Poetic Avenues
 ~ Let´s pace once again, those Nocturnal Roads 

 About The Silence 

_____ © Poem by Jimmy 3ee Bergquist _____
Source: Poetry Avenue

Violet souls… 
Whisper in silence, to the sleeping sun 
Lust in a daydream – their tales steam 
in these long turquoise’s skies 
The rimes of the slumbering, soft cotton clouds 
Soft …as sugar-wools 
Soft …as sugar-wolves 
Sheeps sleep among these wondrous clouds 
To lovely long in their desireless dreams ... 
Summersleeping in the Sun 
As soft silent times touches Indigo rimes - 
She still kisses thy embraceable mine.


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